Adjustable laptop stand

Name: Adjustable Laptop Stand
Material: plastic ABS + metal (bottom weight + connecting part of metal material
Color: Black\white, pink three colors optional
Working size: 270*214*310mm
Storage size: 289*226*60mm
Conditional height: adjust to low 5cm-high 31cm (angle height)
Weight-bearing use comparison size description:
1. It is suitable for laptops within 17.3 inches. The height and load-bearing need to be adjusted to the appropriate angle and balance by the size and weight of the laptop.
2. Laptop bases with a thickness of more than 20mm (inclusive) are not supported. (excluding screen thickness)
3. The best use scenario is an external keyboard. If you use a laptop for a long time for text work, it is recommended to use an external keyboard.
(There will be a slight shaking when typing without an external keyboard, which is a normal physical phenomenon).
4. The spare tool is placed at the bottom of the bracket to hide, and the bracket shaft is adjusted.
Features: The plastic laptop stand is light in weight and has an advantage in unit price

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