Foldable fill light desktop phone holder

1. Product name:Foldable fill light desktop phone holder
2. Material: ABS+silicone+metal
3. Weight: 245g
4. Color: pearl black, sky blue, ivory white, fresh green, girly pink
5. Size: 11*6.5*2.6cm (storage), extension height (maximum): 25.5cm
6. Angle: 330 degree adjustment
7. Input current: 1.5A
8. Input voltage: 5V
9. Product features:
1) High-speed silent cooling fan, extremely fast heat dissipation
2) Height can be raised and lowered, 330?? large angle adjustment
3) 360?? rotating double fill light, one key fill light, convenient for live broadcast
4) Universal mobile phone and tablet, foldable, light and easy to carry

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