Gold hoop + arch bridge outlet

1. Product name:
2. Material: PC+silicone+TPU
3. Weight: 90g (58g for the main body of the golden hoop, 32g for the arch bridge
4. Color: black
5. Dimensions: gold hoop rod 87*35*104mm, arch bridge 107*84*22.5mm
6. Suitable for: mobile phone range: 58-88mm
7. Product features:
1) The mobile phone can be placed horizontally and vertically, and the single and dual mobile phone modes can be switched with one button, which is flexible and convenient to use
2) Four-buckle ultra-stable body, 360-degree rotation, easy to remove the phone
3) Reject abnormal noise, very stable
4) One-handed operation, one-key lock, convenient and fast, stable and non-slip

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