Outdoor wrist strap waterproof bag

Name: Outdoor wrist waterproof bag
Material: diving material, PU, TPE, nylon
Colour: Black
Weight: 80g
Size: The size of the bag: 4.7–6.7icnh mobile phone bags are optional (can also be customized)
Armband size: 8–12cm diameter arm can be worn
Function: skin-friendly and comfortable, waterproof IP67 (can be submerged 1M), dual-rail waterproof device, disassembly method, instant answering of calls or photos, without affecting sports and other operations.
1) Break the traditional wired waterproof bag method, our wireless bondage
2) High waterproof performance IP67
3) It is convenient to disassemble the waterproof bag, and the instant experience is convenient
4) Does not affect movement and operation, and can be reused (traditional waterproof bags are thrown away after one use)