Tesla air outlet bracket

Name: Tesla air outlet bracket
Material: ABS+TPE
Color: black, white+black
Size: 60*75*60mm
Weight: about 120.0g
Suction mobile phone pulling force: 1.5kg
Magnet: Ring Multipole Magnet
Compatible cars: Tesla modle Y, Tesla modle 3
Compatible mobile phones: iphone 12, iphone12 pro, iphone 12mini, iphone12 max, iphone12 pro max
iphone 13, iphone13 pro, iphone 13mini, iphone13 max, iphone13 pro max
Optional accessories: iron sheet (all mobile phones can be magnetically attracted with the iron sheet)
How to use: Stick the iron sheet on the back of the phone case.
Sufficient suction, stable Tesla card seat, novel and exquisite appearance

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