Bathroom waterproof wall-mounted mobile phone box

1. Product name:Bathroom waterproof wall-mounted mobile phone box
2. Material: ABS+PET
3. Weight: 135g
4. Color: white, blue
5. Size: 19*10.5*2.8cm
6. Applicable mobile phones: less than 6.8 inches
7. Product features:
1) The door has a fixed opening angle of 60°, and the mobile phone is easy to pick and place. It is designed like a tape drive and the door will not open accidentally.
2) No perforation, can be pasted anywhere, no trace when peeled off
3) PET high permeability anti-fog film, touch screen, not afraid of steam
4) All-inclusive storage compartment, tightly waterproof, built-in silica gel to block fine water vapor

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