Mini car vacuum cleaner

Name: Mini car vacuum cleaner (patent)
Color: black, white
Size: 21.5*5.4cm
Box gauge: 45*34.5*34cm
Packing: 1PCS/kraft carton
Gross/Net Weight: 11KG/9.7KG
Outer box input: 20pcs/ctn
Weight: 400g
Box weight: 85g
Box size: 33*9*8cm
The line is about 4.5 meters long
Rated power: 120W
Input voltage: DC 12V
Plug: Cigarette lighter plug
1. Wet and dry use, 120W​​​high power, upgraded fan blades, stable suction, no attenuation and no heat, effectively and quickly absorb stubborn dust;
2. The HEPA filter can be washed with water, which can prevent dust from adsorbing on the filter while maintaining high suction. Repeated use without replacement;
3. Independent dust removal, one-key cleaning, easy cleaning;
4. Breaking the shape of the traditional vacuum cleaner, it is mini and compact and can be placed anywhere;
5. Various brush heads can clean all corners of seats, crevices, foot pads and trunks;
6. Lightweight design, just plug the power cord into the car cigarette lighter.

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